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What's TITALearn


What's TITALearn?

TITALearn is an online platform for everyone everywhere to learn computer skills for personal and professional development. Whether as a beginner, intermediate or advance level, learning is made easy on TITALearn. TITALearn is on a mission to build careers, reduce unemployment and eradicate poverty by building skills and equipping youths with practical IT knowledge to make them useful to themselves and the community.


Who is TITALearn For?

TITALearn is for anyone who is interested in learning a computer skill. Either the Basic and Fundamental of Computer or Technical skills like programming, authoring, gaming, video, sound and photo editing etc.

People who will enjoy TITALearn are:
* Students
* Teachers
* Programmers
* Designers
* Employees
* Business Owners



What can people do on TITALearn?

People can learn and improve on:
* Computer basic
* Programming Language
* Operating Systems
* Application Software
* Platform and frameworks
* Designing
* Cloud Platform
* Gadget and Devices
* etc